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It is with great personal sadness that we announce the passing of a true legend, our friend and mentor Will Eisner. ~ January 4, 2005


Biography of Will Eisner

The Spirit © Will EisnerFounded in 1999 by Denis Kitchen and Judith Hansen, the Kitchen & Hansen Agency, LLC represents the work and unique visions of artists and writers from around the world.

This web site serves to showcase the agency's clients, their careers — and features latest news and project information. Over the next few months, the site will be expanded to include preview art and links.

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John Law © Will Eisner 2002

The all-new adventures of Will Eisner's John Law, Detective are set to launch soon. Will Eisner has licensed Australian writer/artist Gary Chaloner to redefine a classic Eisner creation and produce new stories featuring the one-eyed lawman. Chaloner has worked closely with the comics master to redevelop the John Law licence into an exciting new property.

Remember to visit the offical Will Eisner web site: The site is currently split into four areas: Shop Talk, where Will discusses the comics industry; Library, with information about Will's graphic novels, The Spirit and others; Biography and Drawing Board, where you get to view unpublished pencils, layouts and ideas. An area dedicated to the John Law project has also been added to the site, so stay tuned for more information!

C L I E N T S:

Gary Chaloner
Red Kelso;
Morton Stone, Undertaker;
John Law, Detective [with Will Eisner]

N.C. Christopher Couch
The Will Eisner Companion

R. Crumb
K&H has co-agented a number of licenses involving Robert Crumb's various literary properties (for General Motors, Warner Bros., etc.)

Will Eisner
The Spirit and nearly twenty graphic novels have been placed with DC Comics, Doubleday, Dark Horse and NBM. This legendary writer / cartoonist, who never rests on his laurels, is at work on a new graphic novel.

James O'Barr
The Crow graphic novel (375,000 copies sold by Kitchen Sink Press) has now been placed with Pocket Books.

Wendy & Richard Pini (WARP)
Elfquest celebrates its 25th aniversary with a major announcement at left. For an interview with Richard and Wendy, go to

Mark Schultz
Schultz's widely acclaimed Xenozoic Tales (aka Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) will be relaunched by Dark Horse comics in 2003. Mark's newest work, Robert E. Howard: Mythmaker, will be published by Wandering Star.

James Sturm
Sturms' Golem's Mighty Swing swept the industry awards for Best Graphic Novel in 2002 (Eisner, Harvey, Ignats, and Time Magazine) French and Italian editions are on the way.

James Vance and Kate Worley
The award-winning author of Kings in Disguise and the celebrated author of Omaha the Cat Dancer have collaborated on the first of a series of Spirit novels in cooperation with Will Eisner.

Stephen Weiner
This Boston area libraian who spearheaded the new popularity of grahpic novels in libraries across America has co-authored The Will Eisner Companion for DC Comics and is working on two other main stream projects.

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